Gold Portrait Package

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Our Premier portrait package. Beautifully framed in our largest high quality frame.

Designed to not only impress your clients but also give them a family keepsake.

6 Months of follow up cards!

Imagine how the homeowners will feel when they receive a thank you card from you. Now what if that card has their home on the front! That is exactly what we provide. It's the simple things that are the most powerful. We provide you with 3 follow up cards that you send to your clients over 6 months.

12 original notecards

The homeowners will receive 12 beautiful note cards with their home on the front. They will proudly send these to family members or new neighbors. A wonderful touch point!

Choice of frames.

This package gives you your choice of frames; gold, silver or walnut. And these frames are exceptionally beautiful and elegant.

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Beautifully packaged

We know you take great pride in how you present yourself. So do we!


Full money back Guarantee

We personally stand behind every one of our portraits. Offering a full money back guarantee if you're not totally satisfied.

Over 15,000 House Portraits sold.