Artisan Hand Sanitizer with your brand.

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Our artisan hand sanitizers are proudly brewed by local masters at Dogwood brewery. They are then labeled with your personal branding and shipped out to you.

We sell in batches to you here are the packages below. Let me know if you have any questions at all


Dogwood Brewery is proudly doing their part in helping their community and they've pivoted to create this handcrafted sanitizer. With only 4 ingredients it's pure, clean, and all-natural.

Created to the highest standards and proudly presented by you; Your branding on every bottle.

Russell McRae the owner of McRae says "Germs are first on people's minds right now. That's the reality. We have the perfect giveaway for everyone you meet. A small bottle of local, natural, hand sanitizer with your branding attached to every bottle.

As soon as I met Dogwood Brewery, heard their story on how they want to help people, and tried their sanitizer I knew I had to work with them and offer this to my clients. And placing your branding on the front is just smart business."